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Welcome to LP Infotech where you get complete yet affordable Web and Mobile Development Services and Solutions, developed by young and fresh minds.

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We help by collaborating closely with teams, understanding project requirements, and offering expertise in coding, testing, and debugging. We foster innovation, streamline processes, and prioritize user experience.


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Once again, We Welcome You to our innovative IT software company based in Mohali, India where cutting edge technology makes a union with user friendly, real-time solutions. With a carefully picked team adept in web and mobile development, we are here to bring an encyclopedia of experience to the table, carefully crafting software solutions that are scalable, flexible, and are highly responsive across all platforms.

At our very core, we have it in our hearts to provide an exceptional service to a global clientele, whether they are ambitious startups or established tycoons – our experts look to the needs of all. We like simplifying complexities and our clients leave us with a smiling face always!

Service’s Approach - In LP Infotech, what truly sets us apart is our transparent approach to our seamless Software development services, ensuring that we guide you through every stage of your project journey, from understanding to its successful completion.
Nothing in the field of technology came without innovation. We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box, we constantly deliver and we cultivate our relationships with our clients. Our work ethic consistently generates fresh ideas and our visions and commitment to serving nothing but the best create a foundation for enduring partnerships within our organisation.
We adopt a fast but secure methodology that not only keeps our team abreast of the latest trends and developments but also fosters a culture of adaptability to sudden change, where we maintain constant interactions between our developers and clients. Our methodology and the positive outlook to a project has become the bedrock of our client satisfaction.
The better the work, the better the feedback, right? Hence, in LP Infotech, the positive feedback we receive from our clients is nothing but a testament to our lasting commitment to excellence. We believe in building trust and providing the finest solutions possible among our clients. All this time, we not only have received good remarks for our services but also for our team's unwavering dedication and loyalty, and for being available whenever they needed us.

Discover Our Best Software Projects

We take immense pride in showing whatever we have accomplished over the years. Whether big or small, intricate or easy, each project holds a special place in our hearts. What we truly consider a victory is our success with clients which is only possible with our dedicated team. The moment a client gets back to us with great feedback, it is but a testament to how we constantly surpass people’s expectations and deliver more than promised.

Till today, LP Infotech takes pride in announcing that we have completed 250+ successful projects!

What makes Our Software Development Services Unique

Being a customer-centric approach our team members always work full of honesty and passion and follow ethics strictly. We always keep our words given to the clients. Also, we approach positively on every project no matter how complex the project is.
Once we start the project, we do give our 101%. Basically, we love what we do for our clients. We always recommend and believe that learning is a continuous process. So we always learn new things and keep ourselves updated accordingly with the latest environments.

Why LP Infotech Company for Software Development Services

  • Being young and highly driven by the ultimate customer satisfaction, our team strictly adheres to ethical practices. We are driven by 100% honesty and transparency and this work to us, is a passion more than a profession. 
  • Once we embark on a project, we can guarantee, you will only get the best dedication from our end. We deliver nothing short of our absolute best, ever. 
  • Learning makes everyone better. We learn and relearn till we perfect it for you. Our passion fuels us everyday. 
  • We make use of the Pluralsight website every 3 months which is a mandatory commitment in LP Infotech, to keep our team updated and learn whatever we can on, constantly. This is the secret of us providing exceptional service to our clients since day one, and warn you, this is only the start of it. 
LP Infotech Software Development Company in India

About UsThe Ultimate Business Solution for Mobile and Web Software Development Services

LP Infotech aims to meet innovation with precision, since 2018. We’re a leading Mobile App Development and Web Development Company based in Mohali, India. Our expertise runs all over Solution Architect, Custom Software Development, Mobile Development, No Code/Low Code solutions, Automation, Reports, Analytics, and we provide a top tier Consultancy services looking to fit in a global clientele. 

At LP Infotech, we don’t stop ourselves at providing solutions. We make ideas, create, innovate, implement and re-innovate.


Technologies & Workflow

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  • Database
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01Project Initiation

In this step, we start initiating your project needs the moment you come to us with a project request. You provide us with particular specifications relating to the project to ascertain if our expertise aligns with your objectives. If we figure out synergy, we process to make a personalised video call with you to get to know your needs better.

02The first meet

The first meeting with you is very special to us. Here, we recognise the vital role of trust and transparency at work. We set a very strong foundation for a strong collaboration this time of the partnership. We discuss all our goals and visions together, we answer all your queries with a smile and we work together to define the next steps to a strong conclusion of the project

03The proposal

Now, we have understood you and your visions for the project. Following our comprehensive understanding of your requirements, we craft an individual proposal from our end. We offer flexibility in our pricing - we let you choose whether we can charge on an hourly basis or on a per project basis. Our target is that you get a full overview of the costs involved in the project to ensure proper transparency.

04Effective Implementation

Upon receiving the necessary information to get started with the project, we immediately begin doing so. Right from the start, we believe in exercising transparency and effective communication through channels like Slack, MS Teams, and Skype. Regular updates, queries or progress reports are managed and informed accordingly to ensure a smooth communication on the part of the two parties.

05Launch / Handover

Before we launch the product for you, the finished project goes through a rigorous internal quality process. Depending on the project’s specifications, we recommend hosting on Azure or AWS as they are prominent in this field. We want our clients to get the absolute best of everything so we recommend these two platforms.

06Sustained Maintenance

We want our commitment to our services to go beyond its completion. Even after the launch of our products, we monitor continuous maintenance to ensure that it performs its best. Be it proactive bug fixing or incorporation of new features, we are there to help you when you need us.

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Tom Rogat - USA

Founder, Word Of Mouth

Dot Net Core 3.1, Angular, Bootstrap

Jo Jamison De Silva - UK

Founder, Flex Property Lead Generation

Dot Net Core 3.1, Angular, Bootstrap

Charles Grossman - USA

CTO, Constellant

Angular, React, Vue, Bootstrap

Andrew Mitchell - USA

Founder, The Alpha Omega Team

Low Code, Knack

Mark Lamb - UK

Co-Founder, SISOMA

Angular, Bootstrap

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