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How On Time Management is optimizing success through its self-service developer and marketplace
On this Website, users (Therapists) after registering the account, can log in to the account. And then they can fill the all their basic information, office information, and other required information.


Why LP infotech

LP infotech has a dedicated team that has extensive experience in developing web and mobile applications. Also, the team has a strong grip on technologies like Asp.net, .net core, .net5/6, Angular2, VueJs, etc. So, they usually provide satisfactory results to their global clients and the services provided by the team are always user-friendly and easy to use for its customers.


About On Time Management Client

Our Client mainly works or deals for Restaurants and he wanted to improve the work or supply chain management of the On-time Store. On-time Store is a USA Restaurant-based Online eCommerce website. So with this intent, he wanted to improve some basic functionalities in the Website that would be user-friendly or easy to use. Along with this, he wanted to establish these basic functionalities on a quickly/urgent basis. So he needed a Software developer team that could help them with MVP services.


Project Overview

As the concerned person(Client) was looking for a backend developer who can help them in MVP. He reached our team. We have been working with them for over three months. Earlier, in the project, three applications were there, two Mobile applications are for Customers and for Drivers and one Console application is for the store. The Customers and Drivers Application is made through Ionic Angular Technology and the Store Console application is created by Vue.JS technologies.


Earlier Condition of Application
  • In all three applications for authentication(login), Developers were using different API endpoints. Basically, this means the three application APIs were not centralized.
  • In the Store Console Application, the Manager used to receive the order call from the customer side and he had options like, Create Order, In the create order, the Manager used to create the order by asking the customer’s details like name, location, ordered item, etc. Then, he had the option of Ready Order. In the ready order, the store team used to prepare the orders of customers. After preparing the order there was an option Driver Assign, with this the Manager could assign the driver, and there was one more option that was New Driver, with this, he could add a new Driver. This is how this application was working.
  • In the Driver Application, the Driver used to log in to his account. and he could see the assigned order given by the store. He used to accept the assigned order and started walking towards completing the assigned order.


    • The main challenge or problem with these applications was that three applications were not centralized as Developers were using different API endpoints.
    • They were using this system only for their own restaurant but they want to make it usable for other restaurants too. So that they can earn from this application.
    • One developer was already working on it. They want to speed up the development so they involved us.



Solutions or work done by our Team
    • Major work done by us: At the beginning of the project, We created a new API Project for authentication. For this purpose, our developers have centralized all applications’ APIs endpoints. Through this now, three applications have one API endpoint.
    • Functionalities added in Store console application:
    • Accounts Module: In the store console application we added a new account module, After logging into the store application by the Manager, he can see the list of Today’s orders from the Customer side. Apart from this, in the Create order, we have added new fields like check and users can add tip and delivery fees.

  • Our Developers have added features for Money transaction purposes that are Open Day and Close Day and after clicking on these Buttons by Store, there will be an option that is Add Cash/Cash Available option with this manager can add or transfer the money to the Drivers and another concerned person.
  • Report: Through this, the Manager can see day-wise all the details of all the tips according to the orders delivered by the drivers like he can see how many orders are done by the specific driver and can also see how much money he has given to the specific drivers. This is how, through the reports, he can have an idea of how much he has to pay the concerned Driver.
  • Driver Application: In the Driver application we also have added an account module for Money transaction purposes and its name is Open Day, through this he can see the list of today’s orders.
  • Customer Application: In this application, the Customer can easily track the location and other details of the driver. Also, we did some designing parts like start/login page, added left navigation, update profile, list of orders, track order, and google map-tracker of the driver.


Technologies Used:
  • .Net 6
  • C#
  • Entity Framework
  • Web API
  • Ionic Framework
  • Angular
  • VueJs
  • Typescript

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