SISOMA is a SaaS platform that helps users to make their marketing and product visibility easier with automated solutions. This platform creates a smooth line of communication between users and their target audience. Not only this, in fact, it also helps users to save time and increase productivity. Sisoma gets connected to multiple social media owing to which as per user requirements it keeps updated on news, posts, content, and blogs as well.




About Client


The client is a Co-Founder of the Plus Group. Plus Group primarily provides the best social media management, para-planning support, cash flow modeling, and chasing practices in the UK. Our client and its dedicated team have a partnership with SJP Management (the famous financial service provider) in the UK. They help the partners and Advisors of SJP by giving them effective and optimize solutions.  



Technologies Used


  • Angular
  • ng- bootstrap
  • Bootstrap 4
  • HTML
  • SCSS
  • Typescript
  • Angular Animation
  • Figma


Project Overview




As the client’s team was working on building the finest SaaS (Sisoma) to help the people who are using social media, In that reference, they were almost at the peak of achieving their goals. They just required a helping hand in Frontend Development that could help in fixing up the issues in their existing UI designs and could make an attractive UI/UX.

As usual, we connected through Upwork. After knowing all requirements, the client handed over our team the Figma designs and we immediately started working on it. And with continuous communications finally, we redesigned the website. Below you can see in-depth, the actual challenges /requirements and given solutions in detail:-


Challenges Faced by Client/Requirement


  • The existing design of Sisoma was Complexed and UI was not working perfectly.
  • UI was not responsive as it used to work on medium to large screens, basically, it wasn’t working on Mobile.
  • UI was not that much looking attractive to attract customers.
  • Moreover, he wanted the design would be pixel-perfect.
Features added by us




In this project, we have done the core theme branding work. In the beginning or signup page, we added loaders and wizard views so that users can see the current or upcoming pages. Each page’s content looks suggestive/expressive to the users.

Throughout the project, we didn’t use any in-build animations, we just used only customized animations that give classy look to the website. and we have redesigned the logo as well. We have redesigned the news and blogs page, from where the users get updates.

We have changed the colors and given some shadow touches to the website, Moreover, after clicking on each button/tab you will see purple color which gives a stunning look to the website.

Also, we have added some pop-ups that work a lot to catch the user’s attention & the whole structure of theming work smoothly.






  • Now the design of Sisoma looks more attractive and well-versed than before.
  • The website got responsive, now it can be used on every device from small to large screens.
  • The breaking issue coming in UI has been resolved.
  • Made Website user-friendly or easy to use.
  • The new structure of the Website made marketing easy for users.




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