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How Word of Mouth is optimizing success through its self-service developer and marketplace
On this Website, users (Therapists) after registering the account, can log in to the account. And then they can fill the all their basic information, office information, and other required information.


Why LP infotech

LP infotech has a specialized team with extensive experience in Angular, dot.net Core, Entity framework core, SQL Server 2018, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4/5, SCSS, SendGrid, Azure DevOps, GoDaddy, etc. which are enough to give satisfactory results to our clients. We mainly specialized to give exact results as per the client’s requirements. Also, our communication goes smoothly with the clients and clients can’t be disappointed with us because we work with best practices. Basically, we put all the possible efforts to satisfy our clients.


About Word Of Mouth Client

Our Client Tom is a Psychological Therapist in the USA. He mainly provides long-term and short-term psychotherapy to adolescents, adults, and groups. Not only this he is also helping therapists or other clinician organizations to grow or expand their businesses whether it is a startup, growing, or well-established business through his marketing platforms. We have been working with him for more than a year.

Challenges faced by our Client or why Word of Mouth was needed

Our Client, After switching his career, went forward to follow his passion of becoming a Physiological Therapist, he started a private practice, where he found so many challenges faced by the private practice owners and patients, as they were not getting the right or reliable referrals, colleague, or clients on time also, due to fewer connections marketing was very toughest work, so basically, a startup to growing private practice was not able to effectively work and the delaying system was there. Our Client knew both the aspects and conditions, he wanted to create a platform where he could help them. So word of mouth came into existence.

Project Overview

“Word of Mouth” is an online marketing website or mobile application. As the name suggests “Word of Mouth”, is a marketing strategy that attracts several clients. It is mainly designed for USA Therapists to make their marketing easy, fast and effective through the website’s referring system. not only this but also this website helps patients to get quality care. Basically, our Client has tie-ups with Therapists, Hospitals, and other Agencies that are specialized in Mental practices. He helps them to make marketing easier for them through a valuable referral system.

Requirements of Clients:

Wanted to make a Cross-Platform Compatibility website from the scratch.
Wanted doctors can register and log in on the portal.
Wanted to make a decent Referral system where users can send, receive and track the referrals easily.
Wanted all in one place for Therapists and patients.
Wanted user management that should be able to work with a paid subscription.
Wanted the Users could also get rewards and benefits through its referring system.

Feature added by Our Developers or how the Website works:-


On this Website, users (Therapists) after registering the account, can log in to the account. And then they can fill the all their basic information, office information, and other required information.

Also, the admins(Users) have the feature of a Dashboard where they can see total Announcements, Connections, Referrals, and Invitations along with this can see More Information about them. Also, they can see the connections list along with their Favorite ones.




In the connections list, we have added all required Filter Options for the users to find the required Colleagues and after choosing suitable filters they can click on the Search button and can see the desired or matching results. Also, there is an option of Clear, after clicking on the clear button all the filters will disappear and the default filter will be shown.

Search results: When filtration is not happening by the users, for this we have added some information as the default one. Through this information or guidance, they can easily search the results.
On the Profile page of Users, there will be Basic Information of Users and they can update this information at any time. Also, there will be an option for Demographic information and treatment modalities where they will have options as you can see in the below image. apart from that, they can see the Specialties of therapists. Users can also get the fees options. In the Treatment Modalities and Specialities tabs, users can see them with the lists and can save changes accordingly.
In this fees icon, here will be the detail of the user’s payment. means how much fees and in which session the user has kept the money. As you can see from the below image.
In the Recommendations, the Users or any therapist can give recommendations about each other that which is good, as you can see books, treatment facilities, education courses, etc. basically Recommendations are for knowledge.
In the subscription part, 6 months free trial, also monthly and annual subscriptions will be there. when the user’s free trial is about to end, a warning message will be sent to the user within 14 days.
In the Invitations, the users can invite the connections through emails and other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, indeed, etc. for this we have added a default campaign with which both the invitation sender and receiver can get free monthly registration.
In the Announcement, the Users can send announcements to all kinds of connections. They can also send the attachment, while sending announcements, we have asked the user to type. like if the user selects all users, then the announcement will be sent to all system users through the background job. The background job runs every hour and sends all the announcements.



Here in the referrals the users can see, send, and receive the referrals basically, it shows the referrals and the list of all referrals that have been sent by the current user along with other referral that has been sent to the current user.


In the settings part, we have added announcement preference settings. It includes deliver to email option means it will also send an email about the announcement to that user type along with displaying that announcement inside the notification dropdown.


Software Attributes added by our Developers


  •  The availability of the system is 24×7. A downtime schedule is allowed and 99% uptime is there.
  •  User credentials will be authenticated from the database Extensibility.
  •  Software is flexible and adaptable for the developers for future changes or requirements.
  •  The system has a user-friendly interface that is developed in a way that users can easily understand and operate the whole system.
  •  Confidential Data and sensitive data are stored in encrypted form.
  •  The system is reliable as it’s been fully tested with covering all the scenarios.

Nowadays, the website “Word of mouth” is playing an essential role in our Client’s life. He successfully achieved his goal of helping the patients and therapists. “Word of mouth” has made marketing easy for the concerned persons. As:-

  •  All kinds of Mental Heath related Clinical Businesses can send, receive and share reliable referrals with each other whether it is a small size or a well-established business as per their requirements.
  •  They can get fast services by notifying them when organizations have availability.
  •  They can get perfectly matched referrals by using the features of Customize preferences specializations, expertise, ideal work, etc.
  •  Also helps patients to get the right assistance at the right place or time referred by the Therapists(colleagues).




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