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Cerbo is a well-known cloud-based EHR(electronic health record) or a tracking system where multiple Doctors, staff, and patients come from multiple nations like the USA, U.K, and Canada with different health-related purposes or practices. Cerbo provides holistic solutions to the concerned persons. It takes care of managing communications among doctors, patients and staff, along with managing calendars, schedules, insurance, labs, medications, orders, and billing, with full security.


Client Challenges


Just like other Doctors, our Client was using Cerbo or had already purchased Cerbo software for EHR-related practices. Whether he was getting the other services from Cerbo but somewhere there was some lack of managing some practices. Being a doctor, or as usual other doctors, our client had also a busy schedule. and he was facing some challenges like-

  1. Due to appointments with multiple patients at multiple times our Client was not able to handle the appointment in timely, sometimes he used to forget the important appointments with the patients.
  2. Sometimes he had to cancel appointments and patients had to wait for a long time.
  3. Mostly, he had to check the appointments again and again which was time-consuming.
  4. It was a time-consuming approach for doctors including staff members, as they had to communicate/inform the staff separately.
  5. Due to the lack of a task scheduling system in Cerbo, not only doctors were facing issues but also the whole staff and patients were suffering.
  6. In the end, he was losing the trust of the patients day by day in this sort of scenario patients were preferring other Doctors.

Basically, our client was facing issues in practice management. Additionally, the business was not growing as quickly as was expected or planned.


Overview of Project


Our Client and its staff were facing issues in their business as they were losing their clients due to the lack of proper management practices. In that reference, they needed a solution as soon as possible. With ambition, he was looking for a consultant that could help him to resolve his issues. Finally, he met with our team. We made a plan and give him a holistic rough idea that how things will work accurately, after getting approval for our guidance from the client, we started the work immediately. Foremost, with the help of Cerbo, or after consuming the API of Cerbo, we created the scenario that generates the notification or indication to the doctors that helps them to keep updating and appointments from the start to the end of the process with the patients. Not only this but also helps all the nurses, and staff to get updates with full security. and also helps them to keep updated about the status or information of patients. Our system creates a slack notification that helps all the doctors, nurses, and staff to get notifications on time so that they get updated with the work, etc. And It helps them to know if the patient is from another corporate or industry, then what kind of insurance benefits he is getting.


Work Done by us




This is Cerbo’s scheduled tasks notification page, and here the users can see the due date with normal priority-wise tasks or schedule details with the subject matter and can add to the notes for clarification as well as patients name detail and reminders etc.




Here is the Cerbo task slack notification, after the integration of Slack with Cerbo we have enabled doctors and staff to get slack notifications on the Cerbo portal. Now, they can get alerts and notifications of newly created tasks and appointments with due dates and priority-wise with the sign of a flag.




Here are the complete details of the meeting with particular patients according to time and date wise. Moreover, they are able to see the patients who are in queues and want to change or modify their details along with can check the appointment requests and eRx requests.




After taking our service by Client, Cerbo got new features that are user-friendly and attracted users. Cerbo made work easier than before for all doctors and patients. Finally, our client and other Concerned persons are achieving their goals accurately as-

  • They are getting the proper notifications and alerts of appointments, so timely they are attending and conducting the appointments.
  • Cerbo’s new features minimized the number of steps that doctors and staff had to take for continued communication among them for appointments or other tasks.
  • Now, there is no time wastage as the whole staff keeps updated with the appointments and tasks by getting common notifications and alerts.
  • Also, they are enabled to keep updated with the different sign alerts which appointments are important and coming soon.
  • It helps doctors and staff to track the holistic process and status of appointments with the patients.
  • Last but not least, it also helped to minimize miscommunications or misunderstandings among the patients, doctors, and staff, and finally, they got able to build trust among the patients.
Technologies Used


  • Knack
  • Zapier 
  • Bubble
  • Caspio
  • Integromat 
  • Zoho CRM
  • Microsoft Power Apps



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