Chatstrike is an AI-powered solution that offers Recruiter Copilot. Chatstrike allows users to individually interview 10 times more applicants, automate scheduling, and decrease unconscious bias. Recruiter Copilot also incorporates hiring manager criteria for evaluation, fine-tuning, and final assessment decision-making.




About Client


Cameron Levy, CEO and Founder of Chatstrike, is an entrepreneur with the desire to create software solutions that make life easier for recruiters and candidates. He concentrated on the gap that candidates experience after applying for jobs and often waiting weeks to hear back.


Technologies Used


  • HTML
  • Post CSS
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Alpine JS
  • Cash-DOM


Project Overview


As the client’s team was working to set up a platform that allows recruiters to interview all possibly qualified prospects within 24 hours of applying, they wanted someone to assist them in Frontend Development. We met the client through Upwork, as we do in most cases. The client provided us with a Figma design and asked us to create the website to pixel perfection.

Below, you can see in-depth, the actual challenges /requirements and their solutions in detail:


Challenges Faced by Client/Requirement


  • The client wanted everything to match the Figma design, from the colors to the typography to the spacing, and so on.
  • The developed website was expected to be pixel-perfect.
  • The code must be well-optimized.
  • The website should be SEO-friendly.
  • Also, it needs to be responsive for different devices and compatible with different browsers.
  • Loading time should be minimized.
  • Animations were required to be used to make the user experience more interactive.
Solutions provided by us



In this project, we built the website from the ground up while keeping our client’s needs in mind. The content on each page appears to be expressive and significant. This project required extensive customization in order to create a website that met all of Figma’s design standards. To give users a more interactive experience, we worked on the animations as well.

The optimization and structure of the code were other considerations that needed to be taken care of. We optimized the website and reduced loading times by utilizing best practices like lazy loading, optimizing media files, etc. In addition, it was designed to be SEO-friendly at the same time.






  • We successfully built a visually appealing, expressive website that is also SEO-friendly.
  • The website can be explored on any device or browser for a great user experience.

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